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Health Coaching Programmes

Here you can select from an individualised choice of programmes to put the strategies in place to create the healthy life you desire….


Private 1:1 Programme

4 weeks, 8 weeks or 3 months

We will work together, meeting on a weekly basis via Zoom at a time suitable to you to uncover your health concerns and those obstacles that you are coming up against that are preventing you from achieving your health goals.

Why the long time frames? Changing habits that have built up over a lifetime can take time and expertise to help you change. Behaviour change isn’t easy , which is where I come in to support and guide you ..

We want to clearly identify what is holding you back and incorporate recommendations into your life in a way that works for you, because that is what makes change sustainable.

You’ll receive education, motivation and support with the added accountability you need to stay on track.

  • We begin with a 90 minute consultation to discuss your concerns and take your health history.
  • We will have a weekly 40 minute coaching session via Zoom , at a time to suit you.
  • You will have support between sessions via email, if required, for accountability or advice.
  • We will collaborate on a clear plan to embed new habits to reach your wellness goals.
  • You will be sent coaching notes after each session, as a reference point for our weekly agreed actions.

What is the best private 1:1 programme for me?

I have 3 different packages available to meet your needs. Click the package titles below for more information.

This time frame is ideal for someone who has some knowledge around health and nutrition, but requires support to uncover obstacles that are preventing a current goal being met.

Working together I will help you achieve more clarity and perspective around the barriers you are facing and we will set a plan in place to reach your desired outcome

This programme is designed for those who have a little further to travel on their wellness journey and would gain from ongoing accountability and encouragement to achieve sustainable change.

Together we will dig deep to uncover barriers, introduce manageable change and help you step away from past disappointments that just leave you feeling that you’ve failed once again.

When you work with me you will have support and a committed partner on your wellness journey to success.

Your goals ARE achievable with the right knowledge and support!!

This programme is for those who completely recognise that they have bigger changes to make to achieve the health and wellbeing they desire in the area that is currently proving to be a challenge.

.From past experience you know that change has to be embedded and is not a short term fix. You need support and encouragement, as well as education, so that going forward you will make better choices from a position of knowledge and a positive mindset.

You know that ultimately it is up to you, but you also recognise that an accountability partner and specialist will be an invaluable resource to help you understand and move away from the self sabotaging behaviours experienced in the past and to achieve the health and wellbeing you desire for the long term.


Hormone Harmony

8 Weeks – Investment £599

This is my signature 8 week programme with an outcome that will reduce all those perimenopausal symptoms getting in the way of you feeling at your best. Key areas of focus will include weight management, nutrition, stress management, movement and mindset. This programme will give you the knowledge and tools to embed permanent change, providing not only immediate results but results that can follow you in the years to come. You deserve to feel great!!

Hormone imbalance can affect our physical and mental health and as individuals this impact can be mild to highly debilitating. Together we will create your individualised plan, with nutrition and lifestyle changes mindful of your needs and current life demands.

You can take control of mood swings, weight gain, painful joints, fatigue and all those other, all too familiar symptoms that are making it hard to even recognise yourself at times. I hear this comment so often and this is where specialist coaching will give you the knowledge, accountability and support needed to make these changes a reality.

This is a special time in a woman’s life and should not be faced with fears or uncertainties. Specialist coaching will give you the confidence to approach it with a positive mindset and relief that you do not need to navigate all the often conflicting advice out there alone. The time we will spend together will be all about YOU.!

*We begin with a 90 minute consultation to discuss your concerns and take your health history.

*We will have an individual weekly 40 minute coaching session via Zoom , at a time to suit you. This allows you to discuss specific symptoms you are having.

*You will have the support of a private Facebook group to allow you to encourage and be encouraged by other women on the programme and I am available at specific times weekly, between sessions, via email if required for accountability or advice.

*We will collaborate on a clear plan to gradually embed new habits to reach your wellness goals and see you manage this transition with confidence and feeling great.

*You will be sent coaching notes after each session, as a reference point for our weekly agreed actions.

This programme is run only 3 times a year and is limited to 20 participants so that greater individualised support can be given to everyone involved.

You may sign up on the waitlist below to express your interest or take advantage of my free 20 min discovery call to decide what is best for you.


Group Coaching

4 Weeks – Investment £89

Group coaching sessions are run quarterly throughout the year and are ideal for women who enjoy the camaraderie and support of a group environment . They are wallet friendly and help more women gain access to education and support as they deal with particular health and wellbeing challenges.

The sessions run for a month, with a specific area covered in depth so there is always a course that will become available to deal with a particular need. You can add your name to the waitlist below and the courses are always listed in advance through my weekly newsletters.

Topics include gut health and it’s impacts, digestive issues , weight loss, stress management etc, and courses are constantly revised by listening to feedback from participants on anything they would like to see added to the programme suite on offer.

My commitment is to provide education and support in those areas most needed and I will always be client led.

*Weekly 1 hour live group coaching session on specified topic.

*PDF Course workbook

*Free Facebook group for the duration of the course for support and Q&A.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Health Coaching?

A Health Coach will……

* Help you shift limiting beliefs and manage self sabotage.

*Help you cultivate lifestyle and behavioural change to achieve your desired health outcomes

*Support you to take control of your health and help you step off the merry go round of previous attempts to reach the outcomes that are really important to you, but that have always come up against obstacles to success.

*Provide you with the knowledge, support and accountability, alongside a specialist partner ,so that you gain clarity and become empowered to achieve sustainable results.

Who Hires a Health Coach?

Let’s chat if …..

*You want to embed great habits that will see you benefit now and in the years to come and reduce risk of chronic disease
*You want to avoid burnout and feel more energised for work, life and family
*You want to achieve sustainable weight loss and to improve self-confidence
*You feel you have no time for You and are continually in a state of overwhelm due to the many responsibilities you are juggling in a busy life.
*You feel that any health regime you seem to try, never quite produces the results you want leaving you feeling a failure.
*You feel your body is changing in these 40+ years and nothing is working despite your best efforts.
*You are confused by all the noise, science and advice out there and do not know what you should follow.

Getting started is not always easy, but that’s where I come in.
 If you have so much going on in your life that your own wellbeing is neglected, I will help you weave it back into your life so nothing is compromised.

Free 20 min Discovery Call

If you are ready to take your first steps towards optimum health let’s chat to see if I can help and to be sure we are a “good fit” to work together. .
Simply fill out the contact form and I will be in touch .

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