Unleash Inner Calm

Are you ready to unlock the inside track on getting those feelings of stress and overwhelm under control ?

Do you want to finally start to recognise yourself again?

Do you want to have the energy to enjoy your days and weeks once more, instead of just managing to get through them?

What if right now you could subdue the overwhelm, flatten out the emotional highs and lows?

Be a less temperamental partner, Mum, daughter or co- worker and make sure the ripple effect you create is one of calm?

You are well aware that you are not yourself, but everyone seems to be running like a mouse on a wheel these days, it’s just life!!

BUT you don’t want it to be YOUR life, but you’re struggling because…….

1.You never seem to have enough time in your day.

2.You feel that you are at the beck and call of others needs and demands be that work or family.

3.Your emotions are like a see saw, so that even with your best intentions on a good day , you never seem to be able to make any lasting change.

Say goodbye to ……….

* Overwhelm
*Placing unrealistic demands on yourself
*Tough goals
*Being driven by others wants and needs

Say hello to …….

*Restoring clarity and calm
*Weaving sustainable change into a busy life.
*Positive intentions
*Prioritising your needs
( At least some of the time ! )

Course structure ……..What’s inside ? The course is divided into 5 individual modules, each with a support video, which you can watch at a time to suit you.

1. Stress and it’s effects on the body. Let’s find out what’s going on.

2. Nutritional stress and it’s impacts. Are you running on an empty tank?

3.Self-care and what it means to you. This is NOT a luxury!

4 Boundaries and benefits. Are you sharing the load?

5. Action and accountability. It’s over to you !

Meet Isabel Brown

As a Health Coach my mission is to help busy women, supporting them to achieve optimum wellness, as they move through the different stages of life. 

As individuals we all have very specific life demands and all the additional areas we are trying to juggle on a daily basis. It’s important that any changes we make need to reflect that or they feel just too hard.

This course is all about helping you to take the first steps towards dealing with stress. Stress has such a huge effect on us, whether that’s a current major issue or whether it’s the drip feed effects of a life that seems as though there’s not enough hours in the day.

Managing stress is a key starting point for all of us, because it’s very difficult to navigate the demands of life today if our minds are in overwhelm, and that can be the clear thinking needed to make decisions at work or just having the patience to deal with family members at home.

Over approx 1.5 hrs I will encourage you to consider small changes that deliver big results and hacks that are simple but effective.

The most positive thing is that you can start to get those benefits as soon as you hit the button below. I’d love to help.

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