8 Week Programme

Hi I’m delighted that you are considering working with me over the next couple of months as we explore your health and lifestyle goals and put plans in place to embed behaviour change that will go on to just be the norm for you.

Permanent change may have been elusive in the past and short term wins possibly did not live up to long term hopes and expectations and you found yourself back where you started. This can leave us so critical of ourselves.

Many women know this yo yo behaviour. In the past they have promised themselves that they would have a healthy diet , reach a healthy weight, go to the gym X times a week, stick to healthy routines, journal every day, join a pilates or yoga class ! We could keep adding to this list couldn’t we, as we promised ourselves that this was it!! Except it wasn’t.

OK! Let’s stop this now! Deep breath !

Firstly change is HARD and don’t let anyone try to convince you that it’s not , BUT it is possible. Sustaining change , especially if it’s really radical , is rarely maintained beyond 6 weeks if the statistics are right .
It’s the plan that’s wrong NOT you. This needs to be the first change because we are not the same as each other and it has to be about YOU !

That’s where I come in.
You CAN make change but it needs to be embedded into the current demands of your daily life, that’s what will make it sustainable.

The fact that you are here suggests to me that making some changes in your life is important to you and I can help you with that.

I hope you choose to invest in yourself.

I hope we get to work together.

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