4 Week Programme

Hi I’m delighted that you are considering spending the next month creating space for yourself to examine and plan your health and wellbeing goals and working to dismantle the barriers that have been getting in your way.
We all know that there is access to so much information out there but also that ‘Knowing is not Doing ‘ !!

Working with me means that the plan is not generic, it is all about YOU. This is why we begin with an in depth health history to allow me to offer the best guidance possible, specific to your individual needs.

Making time for ourselves as women leading busy lives be that at work , home or both, so often sees us take second place with so many other priorities vying for our time.
I hope you accept that you deserve as much care as you give to others and that this 4 weeks can become the starting point of embedding some great nutrition and lifestyle habits to set you up for optimum health that will serve you well in the months and years to come.

I’d love to work with you. !!

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