3 Month Programme

Hi and Welcome to this premium programme.
3 Months can feel like a big step, so the fact that you are considering this investment in yourself in both time and money, tells me that you recognise that you are serious about your health and wellbeing and that you want help that is totally focused on YOU.

Your starting point can be anywhere .
You might be at an age where you’re perimenopausal, you are experiencing all sorts of symptoms and you are feeling so under par and your work and home life are suffering.
Alternatively you might be a woman who has never really prioritised her health and wellbeing and has literally got away with it, but things you did in the past like dieting off those holiday kilos, or catching up easily on lost sleep and feeling tip top quickly isn’t really working any more.
You might be a woman who hardly recognises herself at the moment and your symptoms going into your 40’s are different to what you are hearing shared amongst your friends. You actually feel a bit awkward to mention things that are happening with you.
You’ve thought for a while that maybe you should get some help to understand what is happening and what you should be doing, but life is so busy that it’s been hard to find the time.

You know that ultimately it is up to you, but you also recognise that an accountability partner and specialist will be an invaluable resource to help you for the long term .
Irrespective of our individual starting points our needs are real and each person is as important as the next, so choosing to prioritise yourself with this gift of time and a focus that is all about you, is to be congratulated. Anything that is important to you is important, full stop!

When we feel that we are on top of our busy demanding lifestyles today, it quietens much of the overwhelm and potential burnout we can feel knocking on our door.
Never deny yourself the time and support that your gut instinct is telling you is needed. Having a coach to provide that education, accountability and support can make a huge difference and when successes are celebrated we can usually find ourselves becoming a better partner, parent, daughter, colleague and friend because when we feel great emotionally and physically the ripple effect touches those around us too.

I’d love to help you start your journey .

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