Design Your 40+Lifestyle

Welcome ….I’m Isabel

I work with women in their 40’s and 50’s leading busy lives, who want to become healthier and make positive lifestyle changes that will support them through these very demanding years and beyond.

Through education, inspiration and support, I will help you banish those feelings of overwhelm, due to brain fog, poor quality sleep, weight gain, mood swings and a mind full of negative self-talk that is making it difficult to recognise yourself at times.

Knowledge is everywhere today, yet for many it is not converted into action and optimum health still slips through the cracks. This is where a Health Coach can enable you to unearth and remove obstacles you are experiencing and pave the way in a supportive, non-judgemental approach to find true, sustainable transformation.

Putting some great habits in place now will give you not only immediate benefits, but will see you thrive in the years ahead.

How May I Help You?

Health Coaching Programmes

1:1 Support and guidance.

Irrespective of your current starting point on your health journey,
we will create a plan together, that allows you to incorporate nutrition and lifestyle changes tailored to your needs and time demands.

Hormone Harmony

This is my signature 8 week programme

This programme will help you take back control of your wellbeing during the perimenopause transition and beyond.

The programme is available several times a year with limited numbers, so that participants can enjoy a more in depth experience and group support as well as individual consultation with myself.

Group Coaching

4 Week Group Programme

These programmes are offered quarterly to be more wallet friendly and ideal for those who know they respond better with the support and encouragement of a community. They run for 4 weeks and focus on specific health and wellbeing topics such as weight loss, type 2 diabetes, stress management, gut heath and digestive issues to name a few. They are an ideal introduction to what health coaching can offer.

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